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ESG Strategy and Fundamentals Training Course

The purpose of the course is to explain the fundamentals of ESG, the impact to the business and how this communicates into organisational strategy.

Course Objective

This course aims to provide participants with knowledge and understanding on:

  • Explain and understand the aims of ESG

  • Explain the importance of ESG, including identifying drivers, challenges, to the business

  • Understand how to build an ESG strategy

  • Consider implications for ESG management and disclosure

Target Learners

Directors, managers and employees of the organisation looking to understand ESG for the purposes of implementing into the business strategy.

Course Logistics

  • Half day classroom based training or virtual learning 

  • Facilitated by experienced trainers

  • Up-to-date training materials will be provided

Training Agenda


  • Course registration


  • Course Introduction

    • The importance and purpose of ESG

    • How to build an ESG strategy


  • End of Course

In Partnership With SGS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

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