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ESG Portfolio Management

Manage your ESG exposure across your trading network

Our innovative platform provides an ESG assessment across your company’s subsidiaries and entire supply chain in real time. 

How It Works

A simple 5-steps process, entirely online.

Register Online


Create a company profile, specify business activity, contact information, etc.

Expert Analysis


Our analysts will consolidate Assessment Reports from connected suppliers into a Portfolio Report

Build Connections


Connect with existing and potential suppliers to assess their ESG maturity levels.

Retrieve Supplier’s ESG Report


Assess individual supplier’s ESG results in comparison with peers.


Review ESG Portfolio Report

Monitor aggregated ESG portfolio performance. Screen supply chain risks, collaborate with suppliers, complete audit and improve performance.

Find The Plan That Fits Your Business

Showcase and manage your Portfolio performance across all entities.
Evaluate the performance of your upstream and downstream network for risks and opportunities. 
Evaluate the performance of your whole business ecosystem for ESG risks and opportunities.
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