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Centre For Sustainability Intelligence inks MoU with Pikom

Digital News Asia

22 Sept 2022

The Centre For Sustainability Intelligence (CSI) Sdn Bhd has inked a memorandum of understanding with the National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom).

In a statement, the digitally-led sustainability organisation said the strategic partnership is part of Pikom’s efforts to amplify its commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability as well as solidify and streamline ESG goals to deliver on its long standing compliance adherence to being a responsible and environmentally-conscious business.

It added that the organisation will leverage its expertise, experience and total sustainability solutions to empower Pikom in achieving its sustainability goals in tandem with the nation’s sustainable development agenda.

Aida Lim, chief executive officer of CSI, said, “Through our proprietary digital platform and our three-pronged approach that includes strategic, tactical and operational propositions, we elevate green decision-making for businesses using granular analytics captured from their value chains."

Additionally, CSI will also utilise its proprietary digital platform to assess ESG standards of Pikom’s supply chain, recommend training initiatives and monitor supply chain ESG standards over time, it said.

The tool will provide Pikom with enterprise-wide ESG reporting and monitoring capability while enabling Pikom’s members to access sustainability and ESG intelligence as well as prevalent market insights, the firm said.

It added that the partnership will also see sustainability conferences and events co-organised by CSI and Pikom to cultivate awareness and inculcate the ESG sustainability agenda amongst Pikom members and the larger ICT community.

Lim said CSI’s partnership with Pikom will set them in motion to achieve their sustainability goals by identifying their ESG issues and support them on their transition to a net zero carbon company that practices a circular economy.

“What is most compelling about our partnership is that we are coming together to actively mitigate climate change through the co-organisation of events and deployment of programmes around sustainability to generate awareness of ESG amongst the local ICT community,” she added.

“We laud Pikom for pledging their strong commitment to sustainability and ESG”, she said.

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