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Understand Your Current ESG State

Data-driven digital assessment tool

Our digital tool allows businesses to assess their own ESG levels as well as that of their portfolio, supply chain, trading partners, and subsidiaries.

ESG Self-Assessment

Get assessed and share your customised ESG Report with your stakeholders and trading partners; 

  • Preferential financing options

  • Use as evidence for regulatory reporting

  • Provide your customers with the confidence that you are ESG conscious

  • May open doors for export opportunities

Our digital tool allows you to:

  • Create a company profile, specify business activity, contact information, etc.

  • Answer a localised, industry-agnostic questionnaire and upload supporting documents.

  • Have access to an ESG Assessment Report created by our analysts and create a personalised scorecard with benchmarks.

  • Review ESG results online and compare with peers.

  • Receive recommendations on curated ESG learning modules to improve performance.

  • Showcase your performance success - share results with selected stakeholders, supply chain owners, policy makers, associations, etc .

ESG Portfolio Management

Evaluate the ESG performance of your portfolio, supply chain, trading partners, and subsidiaries;

  • Highlight any “red flag” connections – take action now!

  • Provide for input to regulatory reporting such as Bursa – data driven information that is auditable.

  • Provide confidence to your customers and shareholders that your business is addressing the ESG agenda

  • Forms the basis for your framework development – what is your right starting point

Our digital tool allows you to:

  • Monitor aggregated ESG portfolio performance -  Our analysts consolidate Assessment Report from connected suppliers or ecosystem members into a Portfolio Report.

  • Identify ESG risks and opportunities strategy -  Screen supply chain or business ecosystem risks, collaborate with suppliers or members, complete audit and improve performance.

  • Identify supplier selection and onboarding approach - Connect with potential and existing suppliers, trading partners or community members  to assess their ESG maturity levels.

  • Integrate procurement process - Assess individual potential supplier’s or member's ESG results in comparison with peers.

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